Present Active Players and Coaches in the Major Leagues

Name Year(s) w/ Oilers Major League team Present Status
Aurilia, Rich 1990 Giants 40 Man Roster
Basak, Chris 2000 Yankees Spring Training Non-Roster
Cali, Carmen 1999 Twins Spring Training Non-Roster
Cervenak, Mike 1998 Orioles Spring Training Non-Roster
Cirillo, Jeff 1989 Twins 40 Man Roster
Doran, Billy 1978 Royals Bench Coach
Drew, J.D. 1995 Red Sox 40 Man Roster
Gwyn, Marcus 1998 Angeles Spring Training Non-Roster
Hale, Chip 1986 Braves 3rd Base Coach
Harvey, Ken 1998 Twins Spring Training Non-Roster
Janish, Paul 2002 Reds Spring Training Non-Roster
Johnson, Tyler 2000 Cardinals 40 Man Roster
Looper, Braden 1994 Cardinals 40 Man Roster
Ludwick, Ryan 1997 Cardinals Spring Training Non-Roster
Magadan, Dave 1982 Red Sox Hitting Coach
Mientkiewicz, Doug 1993 Yankees 40 Man Roster
Mills, Brad 1977/78 Red Sox Bench Coach
Pevey, Marty 1981 Blue Jays 1st Base Coach
Reed, Jeremy 2000 Mariners 40 Man Roster
Shackelford, Brian 1996 Reds 40 Man Roster
Strittmatter, Mark 1991 Rockies Bull Pen Catcher
Teahen, Mark 2001 Royals 40 Man Roster